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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the counseling.
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artists are excited souls are awarded tonight it goes to the pizza business mentor and want to be politician is the current g.o.p. presidential front runner for the twenty twelve nomination i would call a real front runner is more like a flavor of the month just like michele bachmann and rick perry were before him and it's actually kind of easy to understand why some people would like a we've got the really catching not. so simple and is actually pretty funny and charming and everybody loves a charmer all sense of humor is refreshing in a presidential candidate it can't let it fool you and if you actually listen to this man's answers on some questions he really does not know what he's talking about specially when it comes to foreign policy and i could not have been more apparent after this little comment. i'm ready for the gotcha questions and they already started the column where they ask me who's the president of the baking they could make you stand stand i'm going to say you know i don't know you know i mean i'm going to say is that going to create one job now of course late night comedians
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media like had a field day with his. back to stand stand even secretary of state hillary clinton had a little fun at herman expense while she was in afghanistan which unfortunately probably only helped his cause republican voters. oh. it's something. yes it's a series of godfather's pizza. good credit artists use. you know the exposure to these countries you know might. sound silly. are terrible it's make a few things very clear here honey karzai is the president of afghanistan that's one of those stand countries and i think that's one of them you're probably going to want to know a little more about considering you said you plan on keeping troops there for a while if elected but any republican candidate can say they've been proof and stay
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and still get away or pretending like they know what's going on you say the words fighting terrorism freedom and the base is going to forget all about the fact that there are many women are dying in a war that unwinnable but now that herman is the front runner in the republican field he's going to have to answer some more expansive more complicated questions about his foreign policy views so apparently he decided to go to school with an answer some softball questions last night from sean hannity on fox news. so you think i'm dumb enough not the studio ponies issues i've been studying up on these issues but months i can now explain write a return to either report it better than be on the stand right of return because you know you get caught offguard you go to school but you learn. serving cavemen brushing up on his corn policy credentials for months noble of him after all he's only been running for an entire year now might go on a limb here and say that he plans on running for president the united states you should probably have a pretty firm grasp on foreign policy before you declare brushing up for
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a few months during the campaign it's probably not going to do it now as part of his crash course in world politics the daily caller reports mccain gets a one page daily summary of world events from his advisors one page don't knock yourself out herman now he's even gone so far as to hire a team of peoples with rival our foreign policy sure sign that he is getting serious about the whole presidential rates josh rogin over for foreign policy magazine so to look at his team valerie pretty much falls in line with perry and romney supporting israel there are various our law is also a very strong advocate for maintaining defense spending surprise surprise he also said that he would continue to work with allies that support u.s. policy and cut funding for countries that don't support u.s. policy so for now all we know is that cain has assembled a pretty standard g.o.p. foreign policy team with pretty standard g.o.p. views and we don't know whole lot more than that i find that a little bit scary and the fact the man who's leading the poll is a literally learning about foreign policy as he goes on campaigning from
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a group of hawkish advisors that's not making me feel any better so for spending only a few months studying foreign policy or giving herman cain tonight's tool time award . this time. the mind will come down. chad myers will be singing. all right so tonight we've got a glimmer of hope and it feels with the big banks and someone surprise. move j.p. morgan chase citigroup u.s. bank p. and c. and d. bank of all decided that they are not going to charge you a monthly fee to use your debit card j.p. morgan chase started testing a three dollar fee in parts of wisconsin and georgia in february but after a backlash from customers the bank scrapping plans to rock the theater the rest of us and looks like these banks have decided for once to listen to customers unlike bank of america he remembered back in september the charlotte based bank announced it will start charging a five dollar a month debit card fee starting next year so that's sixty dollars a year to use your own money now decision led to an outcry amongst consumers
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including an online petition gathered one hundred and fifty three thousand signatures from irate customers now people might be of a says these things are needed because a new regulations imposed by congress and the dodd frank reform bill and the c.e.o. of the bank dodged reporters for a week after the announcement which turned into a little bit of a p.r. nightmare. for nearly a week we tracked down bank sheo in washington what if you give us an answer a couple questions for sure and finally allowed us to ask him a few questions about that sixty three years getting spanked american you got money . to stay on. this for us and if we can grow the creatures. with it for free it's for the customers from those for relationship to the street back to. angry bank of america customers even shut down the bank website for a few days after that announcement so i think it's safe to say of the customers are still pissed and they should be and two thousand a b.
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of a received twenty five billion dollars in capital from the tarp plants just a year later b. of a came back for twenty billion more government money after receiving forty five billion dollars in the taxpayers reporting six point two billion in profits in the last quarter and this is how the baker pays the taxpayers to save their ass seems like they're really struggling here the bank of america he was such a disaster they even comedian and talk show host ellen de generous a little fun at the bank's expense. we want to hear your feedback so if you'd like to complain about the new five dollar service charge call the number on your screen it's five dollars for the first minute. to minute to talk to automatically from your account. to remind you that if you want to use your a.t.m. card it's still free to come into any branch and use one of our tellers however if you want to leave it six dollars. all right so one can only hope the bank of america is going to retreat on their absurd five dollar fee now the other banks are saying they're not going to charge their customers if they don't have
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a big deal that they don't have to charge because of all those overbearing regulations then why does b. of a so tonight we do have a true glimmer of hope thanks to j.p. morgan chase citi group u.s. bank p n c and the bank doing the right thing by their customers at least in an itty bitty tiny way by not charging them to use their own money perhaps the message of occupy wall street is finally starting to be heard. now here on the show we constantly talk about the government's expanding reach and abilities when it comes to monitoring just about everything whether it be through legislation that strongly relaxes rules on the need for warrants or secretive gag orders that for social media companies to hand over users' private info but it's time to think about how all this applies to journalists and their abilities to keep their confidential sources safe and opt out of the new york times christopher sigmoid argues that american journalists should assume that their communications are being monitored by their government and possibly other governments as well and of the safety of anonymous sources is going to depend not only on journalist ethics built but on
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their computer skills as well and that for now wiki leaks might be a safer bet than any journalist out there let's find out more and how to change that it is necessary is christoffersen going fellow at the open society foundations and a doctoral candidate at security and for not it's at indiana university press for think it's much for being here tonight thanks very much ok so you say that we have to assume that the government is monitoring communications if you're a journalist is that everything in terms of your text messages your phone calls live e-mails even your skype conversations it might have this doesn't mean the government is monitoring you in real time you know what it means though is that if you ever do anything that the government decides that they find interesting they can get it they can get it by using the services provided by company provided free by companies like google facebook twitter that are routinely saving this information by the thought we're sort of leaving this digital data trail behind and so when the government decides after the fact that they you know they think you've done something interesting or they think you've spoken to a whistleblower they just call the companies for the information and suddenly they
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know who the whistleblower is without ever forcing you to reveal it do you think the government is becoming more aggressive in that sense in terms of going after people going after whistleblowers trying to find their sources if you look at the case of james rising recently or obviously their reaction to wiki we know that just from information's been published of this government this administration has been far more vigorous in going out whistleblowers than any previous administration so this is. you know normally you would think of the republicans as being in a really anti it was a point of president obama's has really. not. held any any bars back from going out for these guys. really what this means is if you are a journalist and you're contacting sort of lawyers inside the administration or anywhere you need to protect this information because the government will get it eventually and appends i guess was being put out there because we see you know we see the new york times we see many of the major publications in this country week information all the time that they get from white house officials senior white house officials but it all depends on whether they want that information to be
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weeks ago probably or not but so what do you suggest that we do in terms of changing that you know you mention that of course if somebody is studying journalism in school they don't have a computer security class right so journalism schools stuff and they need to be taking the initiative and teaching their students computer security skills not most universities have a computer science department and seem like a perfect marriage brings in computer science professors over how can teach the journalism students you know maybe that you can even palace and journalism professor about the computer science department teach them how to blog that news organizations also need to take responsibility and protect their information for people who have already been through journalism school your organization for example all of your stuff resumes use g. mail at least when they communicate with me maybe you should be hosting your own email service so that google one hundred or your data and your video are superior so i'm seeing here is a very private. email something that you know that i think a lot of people use are a lot of people use their personal e-mails and so you know what about organizations now that i've been trying to implement their own weekly leaks. because of both the
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wall street journal and al-jazeera english both set up their own wiki leaks style platforms to encourage leakers when the wall street journal said there was a they had some initial stumbling they chose the right thing for encryption algorithms that were vulnerable to certain forms of interception and then their terms of service basically said that they could. hand over your information so the government really whenever the government asks for it those organizations receive criticism legitimate criticism and they've sort of learned from that but really what this tells you is that news organizations at least right now are not really equipped to be setting up these sites they don't have trained information security experts and house right they focus on what they're good at which is digging up dirt and publishing it but they really really need to go out and acquire this additional expertise because their information and their sources simply are not safe right now so in the meantime though you think that wiki leaks is probably the safest place for somebody to leak their information for a source to go to you know whatever you think of assad and people really do have
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different opinions about him he is a computer scientist he's a trained computer security expert and he and his volunteers are really built this stellar apart form for anonymous thinking no one no source is all we can be so i've been revealed based on anything that wiki leaks has done and in fact they still don't know about redacted state department put out there you know you can say that what has had is a problem is their vulnerability in terms of the personal relationships people have left the organization and then try to hurt the wiki leaks has protected its own sources the information that's come in has clearly leaked like a sieve once it's there but the infrastructure that they've set up has been put in place such that they don't know who's leaking things to them and five they still don't know if manning was the person who provided them with the cables that they have built a system that provides zero information other than the documents that come in the door christiane thank you so much for joining us tonight and i think that's something that journalists and news organizations definitely to start thinking more about i guess just i think government now has and i'll be
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a little upset thank you. and we have to actually have our fireside friday and then happy hour couples monopoly game and then bloodshed. says the obama supporters are followers of islam aren't welcome back it's not. intrude on where. to go to bring justice or. i have a right to know what my government want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. story . and the. other part of it and
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realized everything is. hard. to believe in the roughing it.
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protest nobody seems to know. that never persuade the face but already argument that they're being overly dramatic. it's. your. this week raised a lot of questions about the direction in which this country is headed and the focal point from which to try and draw some answers come to conclusions or just hope or fear for what the future might bring those oakland california we reported to you all week on clashes between protesters of the occupy movement and the police in the area and it wasn't just one police force or one department there you see on monday night or even more accurately very early tuesday morning hundreds of police from ten different agencies came out and they came to clear out the occupiers and
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they did so with force with flash grenades with tear gas and with rubber bullets on the crowds came back the next day the police used force again more flash grenades more tear gas and more arrests and the second night that resulted in iraq war veteran twenty four year old marine named scott olsen being hit in the head with a tear gas canister a close range on the third day when thousands of people came out to take the plaza in front of oakland city hall that united by olson's tragedy they want the police back off the occupiers took back the plaza and at that point the whole country people around the world including those that scott served with in iraq are watching now it's hard to solve that there was just about a one that day or whether this represents a significant shift in the way the author already is the way the political leaders are going to start to respond already oakland's mayor jean quan and it's trying to play both sides first supporting the actions of the police then supporting the occupiers then only sending a recorded message after promising to come by the general assembly in person to
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hear the people's concerns and then visiting scott olsen in the hospital to show that she care who you see at the root of the issue here is something much bigger than just these last few days in oakland after all the occupy movement is in cities all across the country those in zuccotti park are still the original occupiers the closest to wall street the crux of power that they see as the most corrupt but oakland as are minded as of. just how far removed average americans are from those who influence our country the ones that pay our politicians the ones that lock down the halls of congress oakland has reminded us of just how scared the elites are of the people and of people power and how far they'll go to try and suppress it you tell me to the police in oakland california really need their own tanks do they need the don riot gear pelt rubber bullets waves of tear gas of people that are exercising their rights making their voices heard in the last way that they feel is possible and one of the most fundamental ways that should be protected by the constitution is the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly freedoms that we now need to request
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a permit to enjoy what's happened here that's not the way that america should be it should be a like those that have sworn to serve and protect the people are against them and treating them like and in the combatants we have a military it's the biggest and best funded in the world but our police force resembles that military more and more every day from the tactics they use the weapons in machines that they immediately fall back on and they're using it against their own people and i don't blame every single police officer out there for doing their job let's not forget these people are the ninety nine percent to i do wish they would realize who they're getting their orders from whose interests those orders are that serves those circle top the ones that want to shield themselves from the red state untouchable and their tower that protects the greed and corruption that goes on inside justice means nothing in the halls of power and that's what needs to change that's of the occupiers that's what so many americans want to change but convincing them that it can be done outside the political system that's an odd that keeps going through the same cycles year in and year out that's
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the difficult part especially when they know that there's going to be a militarized police force waiting for them once they step outside so i hope that americans stand up and do it peacefully i hope the police stand down when they know that it's right to do so and i hope that fairness justice opportunity can all be restored. times i have time for happy hour and joining me this evening aren't you producer jenny church on alex lights all this is an editor for think progress dot org thank you for joining me it's so just take a listen to this radio ad it comes from texas behind it's a store about two hours north west of austin and this is a guy who's a gun instructor but he had some very distinct rules as to who he will take in or give business to take a listen. if you were
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a socialist liberal and or voted for the current campaigner in chief please do not take this class you have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law and didn't stop there also if you are a non-christian arab or muslim i will not teach you the class once again with no shame i am a crock a killer thank you and god bless america. killers the no shame is the heart is what i love the best is like i don't care i know this is wrong but i just said it does exercising his rights as a private business owner the first news service i love like of the brazenness and he was of it all just like a muslim shows up and he's like no i want to serve you but he's actually going to spend his hard earned money to run a radio ad and tell the world that he is not going to serve mostly just doesn't want him in the vicinity he doesn't want them showing up and asking so he's taking care of that don't you worry and i really really love to that it's the liberals he's concerned about i have to say i didn't really concern about
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a liberal gun uprising for a while now so i'm not really really happy that he's nothing. like a problem that didn't exist that he took care. of america. all right let's move on to the next story this one is what is not so funny you know some people really need to take a chill pill when they play games but i guess that this is what you know capitalism does to you or something like that a woman stabbed a man this is a sixty year old gunman who lives in new mexico and she was drinking and playing nicely with monopoly with her grandson and her boyfriend put the grandson to bed and then the boyfriend was cheating and so she. could help her with a bottle and then stabbed him repeatedly with a kitchen knife. would you ever do that over a monopoly game because that is cheating well i might do that because monopoly is so unbelievably boring that i want to play more and if someone is pressuring me i
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might lose it i don't know i totally disagree i love monopoly and i thought it sent after those games like i do where you're like you know you see the border took a picture of it to the know to move the pieces and the next day you come back somebody shooting like this a little too far but i can understand it really gets your blood boiling a sixty year old woman i was the not expecting that the guy is ok he's in stable condition he was covered in cuts to his head on his wrist and was hospitalized and they found him under the porch covered in blood this is really cool her i was in her i think she was hiding right here to the right it's wrong like i gave it to you and she said no she said yes i poke a. hotel and park place you know you know get out of jail free card for her i just have to say i mean we just need this woman to go in and take care of wall street and everything would be all right. well. now this story just warms my heart
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i think everybody remembers the movie flight of god millionaire phonology give you a little clip. just to poke you. go. to the cheap. ok so that was just a movie and that was hollywood and you know the dorky looking guy actually the hot actress and rely and so things are good for him but this happens for real in india . sushil kumar this. farm labor won over a million dollars this week on who wants to be a millionaire in india and before that he was making one hundred twenty dollars a month. that's trix means a lot in india am i crazy not him he was a government computer computer operator so you know he actually had but he was obviously came from a very poor farming family he actually is
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a government computer operator like i said so perhaps in india i mean i'm not incredibly i know i am still versed in terms of what the average wages are there i mean this it's a really heartwarming story but i feel like all the media coverage about like slumdog millionaire i can't help but think if this wasn't in india what happened to be an indian guy he wasn't like he was a you know he had a job he was making like in the u.s. if someone were going to resist i know you just see those are your words not mine but you know he would be compared to slumdog millionaire well i'm just not that someone you know who deserved the luck actually got it this time instead of the stupid air of mary out in the lottery like happens here i don't even care of the marriott empire won the lottery i like to look at some here buy lottery tickets out there in air it is all that lottery to give them more deserving that's what i say i just want to. ok i'm sure that there is somebody that lives on a dollar a day in india who probably going to use this more than a guy that makes one hundred twenty dollars
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a month but still it's heartwarming story the last one there's just another in the d.n.c. i think mitt romney for being a flip flopper take a look. just click to. ten percent. so i'm running for office for pete's sake. dot com i mean it's i don't know if that's actually going to convince anybody that you know i mean they're probably going to salvation is already at this point having to put their cars behind mitt romney because unfortunately don't really have any other options but you know he's the major for proper. you just can't make ads fast enough to keep up with mitt romney's slip up it like this ad is already out of date because today my colleague brad johnson caught mitt romney flip flopping on climate change now saying that he doesn't believe in climate science so it's like this guy does want
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to be president so bad he'll take whatever position is popular in that particular moment playing king became super popular when do you see my plane going over all the landmarks in iowa new hampshire well i really frightening to me about this is that just means that perry is now going to have to come back and do one of those before he was after and i and it's really really i'm the guy over any element that is gets more it gets more complicated for perry but he's going to sit out you know a lot of the debates now so we will start seeing smoke like coming from here. our guys are going to wrap it up but thanks for joining me tonight have a good weekend that's a pretty night so thanks for tuning in nature to come back on monday for kerry. in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of people on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed anything nice or any other nice. flash heal on the show we'll find the interviews as well as the show and if i'm tired perhaps the thing.
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really really stems. from. the. welcome to the big picture. today. flatow for these are the images. from
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